Maharashtra’s hopes soar on solar power boost

A 150 MW solar power project of the Maharashtra State Power generation Company Ltd is already running at Dhule. A German investment bank KFW has given 250 million euros (Rs 1,600 crore) for this project.
The Maharashtra Energy Development Authority has said among the renewable sources of energy, solar energy has a huge potential for power generation in Maharashtra. The state gets 250-300 days of clear sun with an available average radiation of 4 to 6 kWh/sq metre over a day. There is a capacity to generate 1.5 million units/MW/year through solar photovoltaic systems and up to 2.5 million units/MW/ year through solar thermal systems, the authority said.
Shantanu Dixit, member, Prayas Energy Group, said, “There is a definite scope for setting up solar power projects in Maharashtra as it falls in the top slab as far as solar rays are concerned. Barring western Maharashtra and Konkan, all other regions, especially arid areas like Vidarbha, Marathwada and Solapur, are ideal for such projects due to better land availability.”
“But, it is not a game changer that will spur solar panel manufacturing in India,” he added.


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