Story of a Site engineer in Ground Mounted Multi megawatt Solar Power Plant.

Usually in a multi mega watt plant (like 30 megawatt) in India,there are two teams.. One is from client side and another is from EPC contractor side. From EPC contractor work is further divided to different contractors (AC side contractor and DC side contractor.) Both AC and DC side contractors work day and night to get there work finished in given time. There are many IPPs (Independent power prodcuers) in India. All of them are not good clients. Some of the good IPPs are Adani solar and Renew power. They both are supportive clients. Well, moving on to topic, lets further take on the routine of a site engineer in solar power plant.
Everyday schedule of Site engineer in Solar power plant

He wakes up between 6 to 7 am in morning, takes his morning tea, take a bath and gets to his work site around 9 am. Usually the work site is minimum 10 to 15 kilometers away from guest house. So it takes alot of time to reach at site.

When you reach at site, contractor has already started his work and everyday starts like that. When engineer reach his site he starts deploying manpower for different types of works. In solar plant there are different types of manpower. say it Electricians, fitters, cable jointers and civil manpower etc. In solar power plants the work starts from very raw level. First civil work goes on for 1 to 2 months, usually in civil work there are mainly 3 types of works, you start making temporary roads to access different site locations, then there is this levelling work, which is very important for the proper functioning of the plant, then foundation works, there are many types of foundations in solar plant. Electrical work goes on in parallel to civil work. Usually at start electrical engineers takes care of different types of activities which needs to be carried out in parallel to civil work, like cable entries and road crossings. 


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