Solar power plant

In India nowadays everyone is talking about multimegawatt solar power plants. It’s good for mother earth, green energy, and etc.

But in construction of such kind of plant many people stay away from there family, work in harsh condition (day in day out). Specially in solar field, plants are planned there, where there is less shadowish area. You have to stand in scorching heat to let that thing happen. They have dead lines for the work.
It takes around year or two for 100% completion of such plants. So for that time, every engineer or any person who is related to that project, they work each and every day. There is no weekly off, there is nothing like weekend party and all. You just keep working everyday to make that thing happen. 

The plants are always planned in remote area, so life is completely different from those who live in urban cities. You get money every month, but you can only invest it once you are out of that jungle after months.